The Day I Won a VIP Coldplay Ticket, And Then I Didn’t.

So last night, a friend told me I won a VIP ticket during the Globe Coldplay Sessions in BGC.

As I don’t usually use my work phone when outside the office, it was only this morning that I saw her message telling me about the prize that I supposedly won. Crushed and troubled, I tried asking her if she was sure.

My boyfriend Nico also won a Gold ticket but he was informed beforehand and had to miss a good hour and a half of the movie (Beauty and the Beast) to be there for the announcement. So when no one called me up, I figured I lost–which is not surprising because I never won any raffle my whole life.

I’m a huge Coldplay fan. So when the news of the concert came out, I actively looked for a thousand ways to secure a ticket that will not cost us a fortune. We tried patiently waiting for ticket sales abroad but failed to secure our own before everything gets sold or the system crashes.

We tried SG, Taiwan, and Thailand before finally deciding it wasn’t meant to be. We also tried joining a promotional contest which got canceled before we can even send in an entry. So the news that I won the best ticket but forfeited it was too heartbreaking to think about.

I’ve played numerous what ifs in my mind only to end up feeling more frustrated each time. I questioned God, curiously seeking His answer why He let me win if there wasn’t anything for me in it anyway.

It was then that He made me realize the error of my ways. It was a test. And I was epically failing it.

Now let’s backtrack a little.

A few weeks before, I joined a promotional contest in our company. We had to post something about our plan for the year. The catchier #ThePlan, the better.

I did not originally plan to join but when I saw that they were giving out free Beauty and the Beast tickets, I knew it was worth a shot. So I won. Not the movie tickets nor the ones for Wanderland or Wicked. I won the grand prize.

Grand freaking prize.

Funny how God works sometimes.

I was so elated, grateful, and excited but all the while a little confused. Nobody told me the prize was little trickier than just regular tickets.

After a few days of waiting, I saw my heart getting troubled. It was then that the Holy Spirit convicted me of my blatant sin: I was consciously drowning in worries and ingratitude in the midst of a blessed situation. I have forgotten that in everything, I ought to seek God’s glory before my own.

I did not win because I was good nor because I deserve a reward. I realize this now. I won not for the prize but for the lesson.

The story doesn’t end there but I promise to tell you more about the actual prize once I get hold of it (I still don’t know if they’ll give me the Macbook I’ve asked for but that’s a whole other story). Then I saw another contest also sponsored by Globe.

Again they were giving away free 4Dx tickets for Beauty and the Beast along with premium items. I don’t know what’s with me and free movie tickets at this point but because I didn’t want to push my luck, I asked Nico to submit his entry. He did after a little ( a lot) of prodding and won along with nine others.

So you see. Lucky streak. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. But more than that magic of a word, more than mere fate and perfect timing is the sovereign hand of God.

Before heading to the blue carpet screening, Nico and I made it a point to submit our raffle entries to the Coldplay items and tickets raffle sponsored by Globe. Really, thank you Globe for all the freebies. And as I’ve already told you, Nico won a gold ticket.

And I did too. But we didn’t know. I lost a chance at something that I really, really want. A birthday gift from the Lord, I’ll say. I originally did not want to remind myself and regret again but God prompted me to write about this experience.

He reminded me of a principle I’ve been learning for so long: that He is sovereign. He is almighty. In a snap, He can give me any access to the worldly things I want. And in the same second, He can take it away.

And if my Lord is that powerful, should I be filled with despair or jumping in joy?

It was surely supposed to be an experience of a lifetime. I can even sell it and have an easy extra wad of cash. But God made sure this lesson will be more than the treasures this world can offer.

He opened my eyes and revealed what was deep in my heart. He made sure this time, it will not be just a nudge but a full blown eye-opening experience.

It is a small experience compared to countless of life-altering stories I’ve heard from many others. But God is a personal Lord.

And I know I am in this exact predicament because He knows this is how He can get me to wake up from my clouded and worldly perspective.

I am a child of God and my real treasures are up there in heaven. I will remember this not as a lost chance but a redemption.

The Lord is a God who gives and takes away. He has given me far more than I’ve ever asked for and has faithfully delivered me from things that will only cause me harm. To Him, I am eternally grateful.

To God be all the glory.

Matthew 6:19-21

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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