Booking Activities with Klook

Disclaimer: I am a Klook user but I am in no way associated with Klook. This is not an advertisement but a purely honest testimonial.

Klook is a gateway to numerous activities you can enjoy worldwide. It may easily be accessed through its website or from an app using your mobile. Use of the app provides an additional incentive in the form of discounts but this is actually not much.

Klook is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. In this post, we’ll discuss the website some more. In its home page, you’ll be welcomed by popular destinations which include Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and even Australia. In the same page, you can also view the most purchased activities.

My page looks like this and prices are automatically stated in my preferred currency which is the Php (hover over the activity of choice to know the price).

Keep in mind that prices are affected by exchange rates so you’ll probably see a little adjustment on the price the next day you check.

During our Singapore trip, I booked a Universal Studios Singapore pass for four through Klook.Since this is a popular destination, it’s no wonder the item got tons of good reviews. I highly suggest that before you book anything you fancy, study first the customer reviews to see if the activity is worth every penny.

Once you click BOOK, you are required to pick out the dates of your visit, how many and what type of tickets you want to purchase. Don’t worry, there’s no need to strictly follow the dates in the e-ticket. You can freely reschedule anytime you want. We did this during our trip to USS because the first time we were there, it was so rainy we really had no choice but to reschedule.

Afterward, you are to either sign up through email or Facebook. I go with email most of the time when it comes to these things. Security issues, maybe. Then you are to validate your email by following the instructions sent to your inbox. Once this part is over, you can go and confirm your personal and payment details and proceed with payment.

In an instant, you’ll get the copy of your tickets which comes with unique reference numbers. Print them out and keep a screenshot copy on your phone as a backup. We had trouble during our time in Singapore because we were not able to double check the tickets and we do not have internet access to check my email so we had to forgo two activities which we already paid for. Really sad.

So, I hope this helps. And if you’re interested here are the list of things we booked through Klook as well as their prices:

  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • Singapore Cable Car
  • Skyline Luge
  • Skyride

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