Jesse’s Ultimate Book List

There are books that will make you think. And books that might scare you while others can easily put a smile on your face that was not there before you decided to flip a page. But there are also times when you read a book and it changes you–transforms you in a way you never thought it could, and never thought it would.

There are books that are so real yet so magical–where you get stuck between two worlds you want to live both in as your own. The kind of literary prose that has found the exact words to weave to get the message across.

These are the kind of books that breathe a life of their own.

These are the kind of books that you will take with you wherever you go.

These are the ones you should read. And while it’s different from one reader to the next, I want to share with you my very own list. The one’s closest to my heart and I hope you’ll find the time to open them all up and find out why.

I will dedicate a post for each book because I feel that’s what they deserve. No spoilers, promise. You may view everything through this link. Thank you and enjoy!

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