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Sony A5000 Review: The Mirrorless Camera For Your Best Adventures

Taking after the NEX-3N is the addition to Sony’s Alpha mirrorless camera series: the A5000. This powerhouse camera shakes up the photography scene with its wide array of features compacted in Sony’s smallest and lightest cameras to date.

Despite stiff competition, the A5000 made sure it can pack a punch when compared to models in the higher end of the price range.

To give you a quick snap of the product, below is the list of basic specifications of the A5000 you need to know about.

Taken from sony.com.ph

Now, let’s go a little deeper and discuss the other salient features of the A5000. It’s time we find out why this is the camera of choice for beginners and pros alike.


Beginners may find it a challenge to understand the concept of mirrorless cameras given the idea that its soar in popularity only started a few years back.

To give you a rough overview, let’s go back to our bulky DSLRs for a minute.

Basically, DSLRs contain a mirror acting as reflector of light passing through the lens to additional mirrors known as a prism and into the viewfinder. Once the shutter is pressed, the mirror flips up and then the shutter opens to allow light to fall on the image sensor which then captures the image.

This technology has been in existence since the 35mm film camera models–which you know, is already a bit old.

But mirrorless cameras changed the name of the game.

In its mechanism, light simply goes through the lens and fall right into the image sensor thereby making the process less complicated and eliminating the need for additional camera weight.

The question is: did image quality and performance suffer because of this?

Definitely not.

Looking at the sample photos below, one can see that Sony A5000’s impressive performance is definitely at par, if not exceeding that of DSLRs.

Sample photos taken from sony.com.ph

Plus, compared to any entry-level point-and-shoot camera at almost the same price range, the A5000 mirrorless camera is capable to focus more quickly and reliably.

So if you’re a frequent traveler who needs a lightweight buddy, it may be more efficient for you to ditch your old bulky camera and take the Sony A5000 to your adventures.

Interchangeable Lens and Impressive Performance

One major factor that differentiates mirrorless cameras from your usual point-and-shoot is the option to switch lenses.

No need to get stuck with your kit lens!

Not that it’s bad news.

For one, the 16-50mm Zoom Lens is a powerful companion for mid-range shooting and high definition video recording. Equipped with this ability, A5000 has frequently been dubbed as a common choice among the video blogging communities and novices.

So if you plan to step up your game, the massive Sony E-Mount lenses collection is perfectly adequate to cater to your photography needs. With the A5000, you can effortlessly switch to various lenses be it wide-angle zoom, macro, or your standard prime lens just like a pro.

Now let’s look at its performance.

If you’re an amateur photographer who has long been relying on your point-and-shoot or smartphone, you’ll find A5000’s auto mode a massive leap.

With its range and Optical SteadyShot image stabilization that reduces camera shake, the A5000 is perfect for everyday shooting and video recording–on the go.

Adding the Power Zoom technology to its array of features provides the user electronic control over the zoom capabilities ensuring that you get sharp crisp image despite distance shooting.

Working together to produce high resolution and detailed images is the camera’s 20.1MP APS-C-sized Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor. A powerhouse compacted in the A5000 making it possible for any user of experience to produce images with minimal noise, sensitivity, and apparent low-light quality.

Through the BIONZ X processor, users can experience a variety of speed may it be at a rate of 3.5 fps for continuous shooting, multiple frame rates used in 1080i/p video recording or the 25-point contrast-detection AF system.

Performance-wise the A5000 is not lagging behind its more expensive and advanced brothers the A5100 and A6000. And compared to its predecessor the NEX-3N, the overall camera performance takes a really huge leap with its better and higher resolution images.

Amazing Features and WiFi Capability

Sony Alpha A5000 might be the world’s smallest mirrorless camera but you won’t miss out on anything with its wide array of features.

Its simple sharing and control with Wi-FI and NFC One-touch allows users to directly share photos from their camera directly to their smartphones and at the same time control the A5000 through their phone.

So if you’re social media savvy then the wifi-capability of the A5000 is good news for you.

Now, if you’re also a fan of selfies then you’ll also be glad to know that the A5000 has a 180° tiltable LCD screen that is perfect for self-portraits, low-viewing angles, and solo travels where taking photos is a bit of a struggle. The addition of a Smile Shutter technology promotes accessibility and seems to be a staple requirement for cameras these days.

However, the 3in LCD is not touchscreen. While this may seem like a glaring fact for some, the absence of touchscreen LCD provides users with better ease of use as most users struggle with small touchscreen LCDs anyway.

Other features that can help novices come up with enhanced photos and overall better imagery are the Anti-Motion Blur, Superior Auto mode, Picture Effect setting, and of course, the built-in pop-up flash that is handy for low-light situations.

The A5000 also has a pre-installed PlayMemories Home software that offers organizing, editing, and sharing imagery support, among others.

Most importantly, the A5000’s admirable battery life lets users take up to 420 shots on a single charge—enough to last while during a day out.

Price Range

Finally, let’s go to pricing. Below is a side-by-side price comparison of the A5100 and A500 as featured in the Sony Philippines website.

You may have raised an eyebrow when we mentioned that A5000’s performance does not lag behind the other Alpha cameras. But we said that for a purpose.

The massive price difference is an indication that A5100 packs a little more features in its armor than our A5000–and that’s a fact. But cheaper price does not translate to poor performance.

Sony gave its users the ability to take amazing photos with the A5000 that performs as astoundingly as DSLRs sold at twice the price all over the market. You get a camera with adjustable lens, tiltable screen, 20.1MP sensor, BIONZ X processor, and built-in WiFi capability, among others.

And at the price of P22,999 or roughly $460, the A5000 is definitely a steal!

Over to You

Sony’s A5000 mirrorless camera is a real deal with its improved features and solid performance.

It’s the perfect camera for anyone who wants to challenge themselves as a photographer and explore possibilities with a camera that is a huge step-up from their smartphones or point-and-shoot. Pros will also enjoy the camera’s ease of use, impressive features, and interchangeable lens.

So if you’re looking for a camera that can be your partner for exciting new adventures, then the Sony Alpha A5000 mirrorless camera is more than able to play the part.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Featured image from geekyposh.com

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