Everything, Everything: A Book Review

Everything, Everything is the debut novel of YA best-selling author Nicola Yoon about Madeline “Maddy”, a girl with a rare condition known as the bubble baby disease. To be honest, the premise is so intriguing that anyone can easily be lured into reading this book.

It is a book with promise but did not quite live up to my expectations. And while Yoon’s writing prowess was evident, her underwhelming conclusion was enough to convince me that this book failed to achieve what it could have set out to do.

So much potential gone to waste.


1.) Maddy

She’s awesome and pretty funny. She also survived her sickness for 18 years. Who has that much patience and tolerance for boredom? Not me.

2.) Fun pages

Nicola Yoon will indulge you in Maddy’s life and thoughts and it’s enough to bring a smile to your face. Trust me.

3.) Books reviews

The character writes the shortest but quirkiest book reviews! What else can I say?

4.) Her writing style

Her writing has a nice easy flow. She also uses impactful sentences to describe strong emotions from the characters. “My guilt is an ocean for me to drown in.” “Her pain is endless. It falls off the ends of the world. Her pain is a dead sea. Her pain is for me, I cannot bear it anymore.”

5.) The Plot

For someone who has already read tons of YA novels, plot lines can sure get a little monotonous. I stopped reading YA for a while because of this very reason. But guess what, Nicola Yoon convinced me to give her book a try and only because it really caught my attention.


1.) Maddy

Yes! Maddy. “In love” Maddy is selfish and not like her old self and this should be positive, right? But no. It’s not fun to see someone as loving as Maddy turn into a self-focused, unforgiving character Sorry, Nicola Yoon.

2.) The ENDING


3.) Olly

I liked him first but honestly? A guy who will risk your life just to be with you is kinda stupid. He’s only eighteen so maybe I can forgive him for that but still. Just so selfish and stupid. Plus, I didn’t feel any character development except for the change of hairstyle. Does that count?

4.) Carla

Why is everyone in the book acting on feelings all the time? Carla should have been a sensible neutral person. Instead, she says yes to everything all the freaking time. So what if you die Maddy? At least you don’t have any regrets. Uh huh. Great.

5.) Inconsistencies

Many on Goodreads have pointed out some inconsistencies. Read the book and find out.


Many fell in love with this book and I’m sadly part of the 1% who didn’t.

So should you read it? If you have time, why not? This book is a fast read that can definitely get you out of your slump. It worked for me. And once you’re done reading it, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Enjoy reading!

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