Coldplay Live in Manila – A Head Full of Dreams Tour

After years and years of waiting—17 to be exact—Filipino fans finally experienced the much awaited Coldplay concert in the Philippines.

And it was a true adventure of a lifetime!

We didn’t have to line up for so long thanks to Globe’s courtesy lane.

At exactly 9:07 p.m., the orchestra music signaling Coldplay’s entrance to the stage started along with a compilation video of various people introducing their world tour.

Coldplay opened with A Head Full of Dreams accompanied by blasts of golden fireworks, crazy crowd, and their trademark xylobands. Indeed, the first song alone will leave you in awe.

What a production!

Check out our xylobands! I still have mine with me as a souvenir.

Coldplay didn’t waste time in singing the crowd’s favorite and followed the first song with Yellow. Filipino fans sang their hearts out in this one.

Slow songs like The Scientist, Paradise, of course, Fix You was sung by the audience at the top of their lungs and with full emotions. Hearing and singing with Coldplay along with thousands of other Filipino fans was so surreal.

It was just too amazing for words!

The night did not end without song dedications. Before singing the melancholic Everglow, Chris talked about a friend named Ellie who passed away. And boy, if the song can touch your heart and squeeze it into bits when you hear it on Spotify, wait till you hear it live.

It was so poignant! Just so mesmerizingly beautiful. Thank you, Chris Martin!

There’s definitely more reason to love Coldplay more than their great music, and it’s their heart. During their stay in Manila, they also visited Ken, a cancer patient who was supposed to attend the concert. They promised to sing his favorite song Ink and that’s exactly what they did during their live performance. So with touched hearts, the crowd sang along with this Coldplay classic. So much that it hurts!

Photo on the right shows the band performing at the C-stage which is the farthest end. And I finally got to see them up close (quite!)

Chris also composed an impromptu song for all the Filipinos fans. Can they stop being so perfect?

And of course, the dancing!

We jumped around A LOT. We raised our hands and pumped our xyloband-clad wrists in the air along with the thumping beat. Chris wanted the fans to participate all the time and at points asked the audience to put down their phones and just crouch down low, jump high and go crazy!

Again, everybody was on a high. We all danced to Adventure of a Lifetime, A Sky Full of Stars, Hymn for the Weekend, and Viva La Vida. Confetti, paint and their trademark balloons appeared at the right moments.

The production was too remarkable! I still can’t get over it, to be honest.

The band also sang their collaboration song with David Bowie “Heroes” and their newly released hit with Chainsmokers “Something Just Like This”.

The concert ended on a positive and soul uplifting Song—Up&Up. While not a classic and not overly lively, this is one of my favorites and I just feel it was the best choice for a finale.

Coldplay indeed wanted to touch the heart and spirits of all their fans with such a beautiful and heartfelt song.

You can relive the experience by checking out this playlist.

Their music is timeless. Their performances are out of this world. The energy was so amazingly enormous. Worth all the anticipation, steep ticket prices, 8 hours of continuous standing up, the muscle pain that I’m still suffering from and definitely the long wait!

Thank you, Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will! Please come back soon!

A/N: Will embed more personal videos in this post once uploaded.


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