How to Apply for Korean VISA Part 2 (Embassy Application)

Here’s everything you need and don’t need to do:

Double check your requirements. 

Do this even if you’re sure you have everything ready. Again, paste your photos beforehand. If you’re the representative and applying for your family, you have extra requirements to take care of so it’s best to put them all in a nice envelope to keep them secure and just take them out when it’s your turn to get a number.

Go to the Embassy early.

I suggest you take a Grab/Uber if you plan on commuting. If you will bring a car, crank Waze on. The Embassy is just somewhat behind SM Aura along C5 road. You will know you’re there if you see a number of people waiting for the gates to open.

The safest time to get there is 7 AM. We were there around 10 mins to 7 AM and were number 12 in the list. Don’t forget to sign the visitors/applicants list.

Listen to announcements and instructions.

Be alert and listen. Around 7:30 AM, they will call out the names based on the list and allow you to enter the Embassy. Once you hear your name, just proceed to the entrance and line up accordingly. A personnel at the end of the line will check for the completeness of your requirements and remove unnecessary things e. g. passport jacket, paper clips, envelopes, staple wires (more on this later).

Don’t staple anything.

Put every requirement in the right order (based on what’s listed in the requirements list) and hold them together using your passport. Don’t staple or bind together with a paper clip as the Embassy personnel will just remove it anyway. Remove your passport jacket as well. 

Paste your photo beforehand. If you don’t, chances are everybody will get in line while you’re still out there fixing your forms. 

Once the personnel ensures completeness of documents, he will give you back your requirements, give you your paper slip with queue number and ask you to write the names you’re applying for in the paper if you’re applying for a group. 

Note: He will give back any unnecessary requirements so stick to what’s actually on the list. 


Windows open at exactly 8:30 AM. Don’t lose your slip. You’ll immediately know which window you will go to based on that number. I think Window 1 is for frequent travelers, Window 2 is for family applications and Window 3 is for first-timer individuals. I’m not so sure about that though.

Submit your requirements.

Be prepared and move fast. On average, an applicant only takes 40 seconds at the window. Just say good morning, give the requirements and wait to be given the release slip.

The release slip will indicate the date of VISA release. If you have an OECD VISA, you only have to wait for three (3) working days but regular applicants will have to wait for five (5) working days.

Now there’s nothing to do but pray for the best. Goodluck!

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