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Chao Phraya Princess Cruise Klook Review

Whenever we go outside the country, I always ensure that we prebook our tours/activities through Klook. That decision doesn’t always end in a good note though, but that’s another story.

For now, I want to give you a complete and honest review of the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise which you can purchase here.

Tip: Watch our for Klook discount codes and make good use of it! It saved me around 400Php when I booked our activities for Bangkok.


So based on the voucher, boarding time is at 7:00PM to 7:20PM and the boat will leave the dock by 7:30PM. This apparently is a strict timeline (of course it is) so you should be there on time.

Sadly for us, we totally underestimated the traffic in Silom area and the 3KM distance between our hotel to River Central immediately felt like 10KM thanks to the rush hour.

How to get to River City Complex

via Grab- if you’re coming from Silom area, this will cost you roughly 250 Baht. During rush hour, the total travel time is 30-40 mins. But at around 10PM, it didn’t even take us 15 minutes to get back to our hotel.

via BTS– if you’re coming from Siam Center or Silom, this won’t take more than 6 stations and no transfers needed. Just alight at Saphan Taksin Exit 3 (around 37-50Baht each) and from there take a cab or book Grab/Uber to River City Complex which will cost you around 100 Baht.


Once you go through the main entrance of River City, you can just tell the concierge you’re looking for the “Princess Cruise” and they will call the staff for you. The next few minutes was a rush as we were ushered in the dock and then finally asked to wait for a speedboat. By the way, they immediately accepted our Klook voucher, no questions asked which was a total relief.

We were told that since our boat already left, a speedboat will bring us to wherever it is at the moment. Tickets for the speedboat cost 100 Baht per person. To be fair, we were just happy that we’ll still be able to board the boat. It was also a plus to enjoy the scenic view on a bumpy speedboat ride.

Okay to be fair, it was just some sort of passenger motor boat, but still the transfer was quite efficient.


So the cruise itself starts at 7:30PM and ends at around 9:30PM. While it could have been longer, I think the overall experience can already be maximized within the time span.

Case in point, we were already late for about and hour and the ship was able to do a complete 360 of the whole path of the cruise for like 2 times. There might come a point where the view you’ll see may get repetitive so there’s that.

There’s also a Thai performer who will provide enough entertainment and sing various songs from Thai to Indian to Western hits. Some guests danced around the “stage” when dinner was over.

We totally enjoyed the same sights we saw during our historical (Grand Palace etc.) tour during the morning in a totally different light. Makes one think of the endless possibilities for our very own Pasig river!

P.S. The best part for me was seeing Wat Arun at night and crossing under the majestic Rama VIII bridge. Just too lovely!

Food/Buffet Spread

We’d spent around P1,500 ($29) for the ticket hoping that both the food and experience will fill our senses with delight. Sadly, the former was such a disappointment. The buffet spread was okay albeit a bit underwhelming.

It was not purely Thai so you’ll get your usual Japanese rolls (the budget ones in the Philippines are even better), some western appetizers, some Chinese main dishes and a number of Thai dishes as well.

The only decent food, in my opinion, was the Thai pasta with tomato sauce and grilled meat. Everything else tasted bland. However, after two small servings of pasta, I got sick of it and opted to drown everything with dessert.

Imagine my disappointment when the dessert lacked the usual sugary goodness you’d expect in nice looking cakes. Oh well, maybe Thais like it healthy.

So yes, I don’t think food is the strength of this dinner cruise. After all, you pay for the experience. And that, for me, made the trip worth every penny!


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